World Cup 2018
Jun 7 2018 0

8 Drivers of Paulo Duarte on Fleetboard Drivers League-World Cup 2018.

The most prestigious competition, in which the world of transport concerned, the Fleetboard Drivers League World Cup 2018 enters the knockout stage of the round of 16.

In this first clash, Portugal will compete with Switzerland, in the period from 4 to 10 June.

On top of the 11 national drivers are present 8 drivers of Paulo Duarte, being selected with all the credit for the representation of our national team.

To our drivers, Maryan Maslyanyy, Filipe Costa, Filipe Silva, João Mendes, António fig, Fernando Freire, Vasco Seraphim, Francisco Silva, Paulo Duarte is proud for all the commitment, effort and dedication.

Currently the Transport Paulo Duarte is highlighted in the first place on the podium at the national level. We hope that everyone will continue to circulate with efficiency and safety.

We transport commitment, excellence.

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