Jan 22 2018 0

We support the Tree of Hope initiative

This tree is made from a tree burned in fires and were placed in the center of cities. Has the form of a root that gives rise to the birth of a small pine tree that symbolizes the hope we have a greener country.
A project with the special participation of Portuguese artist Joana Astolfi.
"The trees they hear if we talk to them. On our trip to the affected areas, we caught up with the trees. Hugged a tree. I heard your silence. Their stories, their sorrows and your pain. I felt the smell of scorched earth. The trees were in mourning. We moved what's left of them, their black trunks, many of them turned into dust, ash and nothin. We reverse the trees with their branches burnt in order to look like roots to be reborn on Earth. And on top of these dead roots take life, little pinheiros. Green of hope. Before he died, everyone should plant a tree and talk to her. "

We already have our, do also a difference.

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