Paulo Duarte
Sea 1 2018 0

Purchase of 5 new natural gas vehicles.

The Transport Paulo Duarte is a company that has the policy of investing in sustainability management of means of transport. Following the strategy, the company just acquired 5 new vehicles to natural gas vehicles.

The use of Natural gas vehicles has two great advantages inherent in this technology. First the fact that protecting the environment in relation to other fuels, and second that it is a very economical compared to the energy consumption of other vehicles.

Paulo Duarte transport aims to reduce and prevent the negative environmental impacts through the sustainable use of our natural resources. The bet on natural gas vehicles makes sense in relation to the company's strategy, coupled with the goal of renewing the fleet itself.

With regard to the advantages in transportation, associated with the use of a fleet to natural gas, we can perform a given route at a lower cost, the autonomy of the new vehicles provides that advantage to companies. Another advantage that's always necessarily linked to this type of fuel is certainly to be friend of the environment, the natural gas in this scenario as an alternative, direct and serious to diesel.

Since we are satisfied with the performance of these Transport vehicles Paulo Duarte plans to continue investing in this area. The perspective is to increase year after year the share of natural gas vehicles.

The new eco-trucks are already in circulation on our roads.

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