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Increased Online Continent service van fleet

The Transport Paulo Duarte (TPD) increased operations with the Continent Online in about 40 new vehicles. These add up to 15 that were in operation after an investment of Sonae group company in a new Logistics Centre in Telheiras for door-to-door distribution of their products, where the TPD has assumed a leading role in this task.
For Gustavo Paulo Duarte, commercial Director of TPD who works with the distribution of products in the region of greater Lisbon, Cascais and Algarve, "operation with the Continent Online is a partnership that we develop for about 5 years and the expansion of our operations it becomes natural and customers are satisfied. "

"Our sector is very competitive in terms of prices, but it's the service that we differentiate ourselves. The Continent Online works with other companies, but the fact that they expanded distribution with us is a sign that we are able to provide a value added service that requires an attention of our staff who work for provide a service above average, because in this business of distributing all the details count, "it stressed.

In-house software

The commercial Director of the company cracked that "another great asset of our shopping online distribution service is our software. We received directly to the end customer, work information, we manage the routes and inform the continent must produce to order. Later, the end customer has information on your mobile phone with the time of delivery and with a 15-minute time window.
The computer system that supports this whole operation was a large investment that was developed by the team of Informatics of the TPD. "Traditionally buy a software companies abroad and then adapted to the national market, but we've done different, because we value national human capital. We have developed in-house a system that is unique, genuinely thought and developed to address the specific issues of this type of transport, "says with regozij

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