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Apr 5 2018 0

Bridgestone goes to equip fleet of Paulo Duarte

Bridgestone tyre and rubber company worldwide leader, spent from January this year to equip the whole fleet of Paulo Duarte.

This agreement builds on the strategic objectives of the brand of tires on enhancing the representativeness in the Portuguese market.
Ralph Bernfeld, Managing Director of Bridgestone Europe NV/SA branch in Portugal, "for Bridgestone is proud to work with a company like Transport Paulo Duarte, a reference of professionalism, quality and dynamism in the domestic market. Our strategy goes through strengthening our position in the market and this was an important step in that direction. "
This fleet consists of vehicles, with 697 40% of these are dedicated to the national transport, 35% to the transport of dangerous goods, 25% international transport.

Pedro Mamede, purchase Director of Paulo Duarte adds, "our focus is on our customers ' transportation and logistics. We are 100% focused on serving our customers with the best possible service and with a competitive quality/price ratio. The tires are an important part of our business, because they are the link of our vehicles on the road and a good tire with good maintenance allows us to reach our destination without problems and with security. So we decided to assign this service to professionals who maintain the standards of quality and reliability required by Paulo Duarte, freeing our time and our resources to focus on our customers. "
"With this partnership with Bridgestone, Paulo Duarte can achieve still more effectively their management objectives with regard to the sustainability of the means of transport. Bridgestone provides a precious collaboration with regard to the installation of equipment for filling tires with nitrogen, thereby minimizing the impact to reduce energy consumption, "added Pedro Mamede.

The cost per kilometre contract between Bridgestone and Paulo Duarte was signed in Transport Day January 1 2018, being in force since that date.

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