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Sep 11 2018 0

Paulo Duarte present at E-Commerce Experience.

Paul Duarte will be present at the event E-Commerce Experience global development program, training and acceleration of E-commerce in Portugal. Aims to help participating companies to create and optimize online E-commerce operations. The program includes twenty companies, lasts for six months and the market power through the exchange of experiences among the professionals, with lectures, workshops and mentorias.

Over six months, there will be space for public events for entrepreneurs, executives and professionals of e-commerce and marketing in Portugal can participate. The Bootcamp, opening event of the program, is free and open to the public, subject to prior registration that can be made through the website of the program.

The opening will take place in Bootcamp day 19 September in Lispolis-Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa will be an opportunity to get to know the companies already selected, among them OLX, Worten, The Apothecary, Who said, Berenice, Science4you, Sacoor Brothers, Salsa, Delta Cafés, La Redoute and SportzoneIn addition to other professionals that are reference in the digital market.

Speakers already confirmed are listed in Bernardo Correia (ceo of Google), João Dias (member of Aicep), Carla Pereira (Marketing and communication Director of Chronopost).

Among the partners that help develop and enhance the e-commerce market in Portugal are the AICEP, LISPOLIS-Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa, Google, E-Commerce Brazil, Bright Pixel, Beta-i, Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and industry, Lyon, Chronopost, Amazon AWS, Semrush, L. digital, U5 Marketing, Streamline, Media in motion, Hedgehog, Smart Digital Lockers, SmartHint and Transport Paulo Duarte.

This is the first global program fostering, training and acceleration of E-commerce in the world. In Portugal, in partnership with the Lispolis-Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa, Aicep, Google and E-Commerce Brazil.

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