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President of ANTRAM criticizes lack of professionalism in the sector in Portugal

Our commercial Director, Gustavo Paulo Duarte and President of ANTRAM criticizes lack of professionalism in the sector in Portugal
In exclusive statements to review Transport, Gustavo Paulo Duarte, President of ANTRAM, stated that ' in the road haulage sector in Portugal, lack professionalism». The charge claims that this is a subject that must change for the competitiveness between companies and countries in Europe. However, emphasises that the ' lack of drivers is real and disturbing ', featuring the industry ' very atomized, in which many companies have been disappearing ...».

To reverse the trend, the responsible points to ' ability, analytical and financial management ' of industry professionals. ' You have to be able to do math, build a price, measure the randomness of transport '. As for the lack of drivers in the industry, Gustavo Paulo Duarte says that ANTRAM has been working for ' a short-term renegotiation of the collective work contract», and that the entity considers that the driver ' is the most important part of transport '. The President of ANTRAM calls attention to ' retention of drivers in profession» and «must be recognised '. On the other hand, says, «companies also have to have best practices, investing in fleet and remove old and polluting trucks on the roads, because these give a bad image to the sector '. However, advocates, ' also have to exist to support investment and penalise the least invest».

Another of the issues discussed in this interview was the question of letterbox companies. Gustavo Paulo Duarte considers that ' it is a shame what is happening in Portugal», where there are motorists ' spend 10 minutes» in our country. To the responsible, ' oversight on this issue is null ', being ' the big IMT responsible for deregulation of our industry».

The President of ANTRAM says ANTRAM is the only entity in Portugal defending issues such as the revision of the road package of mobility, and questions the authority why ' not be Secretary of State for transport». Gustavo Paulo Duarte confesses that he had ' some trouble understanding» who is tutored and asks: ' how can I be defended in the right place, if there are people who have no idea what's going on? If you ask me if I advocated by the Tutelage, my answer is no!»

The responsible warns that although ' ANTRAM did his ways, your work was and is persistent». Gustavo Paulo Duarte says no ' doubt ' that road transport is the "ugly duckling" and questions whether ' would not be beneficial to the freight sector have financing and aid as it does to all other sectors '. The responsible gives even the example that if there was support in the sense of companies to acquire 60-ton trucks, could reduce the number of road vehicles, as well as CO2 emissions. The same points that the road haulage sector is "stink eye" by various entities, one being the tax Regime – RFAI investment support, and that the sector defended by ANTRAM ' is the only one in the country that are deleted». Gustavo Paulo Duarte leaves in the air: ' this is normal ...?»

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