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Advantages of Cargo pockets.

In the may issue of Turbo magazine Commercials, Paulo Duarte contributed with your experience in operational optimization for the heading, on the Radar.
The interview focused on the theme Load bags. Don't miss the interview with Himani Calheiros (Transport Department) in full.

For a transport company, which is the main advantage in being associated with a freight Exchange?

As a company of reference in the transport sector, we say that the main advantage of association with certain scholarships is on the one hand have access to loads of return for our trucks and on the other hand have ability to offer existing loads in excess.

What's the importance of being associated with a freight Exchange?

In addition to the benefits described earlier, we can still meet new business partners. In this way we can also access new International competitions.

The existence of a mediator between those looking for loads to carry and who has loads to be transported is an asset to a transport company? To what extent?

It certainly is an asset, the carrier does not lose your time, which in this sector is at a premium, with many contacts in the search. The fact that we can visualize them on a platform facilitates the process. For loads, can provides them on the same platform, the most competitive prices.

According to the company, what are the operators of cargo bags offer more interesting conditions? Why?

There are several interesting cargo pockets. We must choose the best offer as the country in which we operate. In the case of Spain have the WTRANSNET, routes to France chose the TELEROUTE. With respect to routes to Germany and Eastern European countries choose to TIMOCOM. For Paulo Duarte, these are the ones that feature best solutions to date.

The introduction of web platforms came to facilitate the task of transporting cargoes location and optimize human resources, you can focus on other tasks?

No doubt that the introduction of these platforms makes the whole process of finding loads more simplified. You can extract great advantages as get loads of feedback, getting to the destination as quickly as possible and still be able to comply with the driving and rest times. The goal at the end is maximum monetization of the company's fleet.

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